Clarification about the great forum battles

The great forum battle is the first season of a multi-season “show”
this, the first season, lets me test things that I wouldn’t usually be able to, that’s why I am so quick to take suggestions, as well as why I’m not doing as well.


You’re doing great!

agh wh ydoes everyone hate me i did not cheat you have no proof

yeah, i think that was a fair run.
If i could get 55k, and you got 48k, then they are probably both right!

yeah, it will be SO annoying if they vote me out

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I actually agree
but since this is a test run i said that.
now i know that DQ losses are a bad idea

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this can be the pilot season! to test, and to see if it’ll continue, and then next season will be season 1


YESS! that’s exactly it!

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You did

? was i out

just to be clear: this is what you get whenu kill someone with 324k

musta been barely less than that like 275 which is not that much.

Im talking abt ur 99k run. No way u got 99k in 14s with 1 kill

i didnt

show me it

i never posted that

Sry. Nvm. Uve edited others tho

For everyone led here by an exterior link, TGFB is a series of competitions where people make stories and skins