Coin Transfer

Coin Transfer should be a thing cause say you don’t play sb anymore and you don’t want your coins you can transfer them then! :innocent:

Should it happen?
  • Yes
  • No
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Good idea but people will exploit it and keep on creating accounts to donate to themselves




Yeah, and that could run the risk of scams.

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You don’t start with any coins, so there isn’t exactly a way to exploit the system.


Yutong Can you help me Poll

what if you use several tabs/monitors and run bots on them? at the end of the session, you could transfer all your money to one account and make millions of coins per hour.

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You can already do that with alts by killing them.

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I would happily transfer my coins

I read corn transfer

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whats corn transfer

i dont think many people would use this because not many people would want to give their coins away


Its giving coins to themselves

so why did u say corn transfer

there could be scams if someone hacked your account they could transfer all your coins into their account

meh only like 5 people have my account

i could steal fwhipys coins

At least no one picked No