Color filters test

Do you see color?

That depends. If I close my eyes, I see swirly demonic shapes, if I look into the darkness, I see dark. Where am I supposed to see color at?

So there was no color?

Where am I supposed to look for the color?

On the screenshot

Ah. Yes. There is color in the screenshot.
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i mean yea i guess. I see black, white, blue, red, orange and green.


also it’s colour :nerd_face:

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there is no specific color. if i shine a different color light on screen, it turns color. color is just the pigment of the light reflecting when a source is shone on it.

(summary/ if you don’t want to read this long, basically,: There is no stable color)

Colour, eh? It’s a mighty philosophical puzzle, eh? It’s not just about the science of light and matter, you know. It’s all about the fascinating interplay between the physical world and our own subjective experience, eh?

At its core, colour comes from how light and our own fancy visual contraptions get along. It’s all about which wavelengths of light get absorbed, reflected, or passed through the objects we see. But, hold your toque, because colour goes way beyond the physics of light, eh? It’s in the mysterious depths of our own consciousness that it truly shines, eh?

In our own heads, colour becomes something ethereal, like a work of art created by the mysterious workings of our minds, eh? It’s like a fancy symphony of sensations, emotions, and interpretations. When light enters our eyeballs, it transforms into vibrant impressions that dance in front of our very eyes, eh?

Colour goes beyond the physical world, eh? It leaps into the realms of perception and interpretation. Its essence lies not just in the wavelengths of light, but in the profound dance between the outside world and our own inner landscapes. It has the power to stir emotions, awaken memories, and shape how we see the world, eh?

But, let me tell ya, colour remains a mysterious thing, even within our own experiences, eh? It dances on the line between what’s universal and what’s personal, eh? Different folks can have different reactions to the same hues, creating a whole mosaic of how we perceive things, eh?

And guess what, colour also carries the marks of culture and symbolism, eh? Its meaning ain’t fixed, you know. It evolves through our history, shared values, and individual stories, eh? It gets tangled up with cultural associations and gains layers of significance beyond what we can see.

So, when we ponder on colour, we’re really thinkin’ about reality, perception, and the vastness of the human experience, eh? It calls us to reflect on the delicate balance between what’s out there and what’s in here, between the objective and the subjective, and between what we all share and what makes us unique, eh? Colour whispers the mysterious secrets of life, shining a light on the deep mysteries that make our Canadian journey so darn special, eh?

I wonder, did you actually take time to write that??

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yes i have to be annoying as possible with all the “eh,” cause that’s how i respond to nerds

no offence

Looks at the edit history

ah. filters dont work

no i meant the whole paragraph:]

I see your phone or tablet about to die

At least it’s charging?

you should zap it

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I see blue, red, brown, green, yellow, light blue purple and black.

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