comic 4 LOP'S LIFE

JB7-joined angel-joined LOP-joined Hamm-joined cosmicwarlord-joined slapdabass-joined glaceon8-joined sashsauce-joined sketchxcoding-joined LOP: wow tons of people Angel: yeah LOL Cosmicwarlord: I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky JB7: honey look it’s a bird Sketchxcoding: you’re right but it look like it’s some kind of person Hamm: LMAO LOP: what in the Angel: ill finish the sentence the hell LOP: bruh Lavilla-joined lavilla: omg advertising report Owner-joined Lavilla-was kicked from this server for infinite timeline LOP: okay? -Cosmicwarlord died- LOP: angel come I see someone to kill Angel: looks like teamers Sketchxcoding: die slice LOP: oww Angel: u good? LOP: yeah but look out! Angel: whoa JB7: die Angel: slice JB7-died LOP-died Sketchxcoding: revenge! Angel: bring it Sketchxcoding-died Angel: bababoi Glaceon8: hello there Angel: noiini! Glaceon8: hell no god no pls no help me help me Glaceon8-died Angel: with is that-intense music plays-a black hole swallows the map Angel: holy crap-everyone disconnected-------------to be continued…/hi I am the co creator LOP’S guard im not the one he hates bc that’s someone from school that copied my name so he got mad cause he felt bad for me but he is currently sick he will be on time to time but he does not want to write so im doing it for him but I hope u enjoy the next book will be epic I just know it hope u enjoy-out


welcome I am the co creator

good job

I hope u like it boss

i do but i have to sign off

ok me too


haha funny lol

So did I win:)?

yes but there is a black hole which I meant to call it a glitch

very good i loved it

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Need more chaos also maybe make it easier to read

Summary for people who don’t want to read that wall of text

A group of people joined a server and began to joke around.

Suddenly, Lavilla was kicked from the server for infinite timeline and Cosmicwarlord died.

Angel and Sketchxcoding tried to take revenge, but both of them and JB7 died in the process.

Afterwards, Glaceon8 joined but was immediately killed.

Finally, a black hole swallowed the map and everyone disconnected, leaving the story to be continued by LOP’s guard, who is not the person LOP hates.


so in even shorter summary, everyone died

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I never die. Same with angel. She doesnt fail


i was not there but i shall soon

not going to lie I dont read these

u guys died bc u got yeeted bye jhon cena also ty owner for the summary but the sentance u kinda got some stuff rong from what i really meant but thanks anyway