Commander skin?

Sword hasnt been made yet. File isnt right. Design tho? good or bad?


right size and file

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Dude nice idea

But i think I’ll keep it bc i made the shin so i can make the sword

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got rid of white thing

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that one

Oh sry.

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it good

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and now there 2 replies but i only see one

I’m deleting of topic lol

oh thats what happened when you said you where going to bully me to harsh?

Im going to add a skin that is long forgotten so ull struggle to find the creator lol

oh nooooooo


I’m serious. Not even sure dev3x well know

go though replit then there are old skins on his old swordbattle post

that where not added

not for you to do cosmic

This one was added. I’ll use different name tho


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