comparing and contrasting different stages of sb art...

so…i thought of something.

v2 art and homepage now is pretty clean. but what are the differences between sb’s homepage now and sb’s earlier homepage??

first, let’s take a look at sb’s old homescreen. (got this from the wayback machine, check it out!)


we can immediately see how different sb’s homepage used to be from the new version…

first of all, both of them are optimized in different ways.

though the first homescreen is indeed less cluttered, it is much less clean and smooth, and its buttons are much less uncoordinated.

so, what do you think? which homescreen is better?

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Second def


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New is better but I miss old background and menu music, I wish there was an og menu mode

yeah that would be cool

… there was menu music?

Yeah, the
dundundundundundun DA (duh dundundundundundun DA (duh) (bwaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

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i play without any noise :skull:

yea there was

actually i think it was more like:


Ehhhh I think it was like:


why is this song kinda good…?

Change shop and sign in sprites it dosen’t match the new home screen

for which one?

New one

i think they look pretty matching, idk

I’d rather have it be slightly inconsistent than be entirely “modern” and become soulless

I disagree
Most people prefer modern designs although i still miss the v1 Home Screen
What I’m complaining about is inconsistent things it makes me really annoyed and it’s been bugging me forever
you can make modern web designs consistent and still have a creative touch or a “soul”

i didn’t know it had music i didn’t see the audio icon on my tabs hold up did gautam own the song or smth? it too good to be true tho cause if not ain’t that copyright in 2024 :skull: i actually don’t know who talks about copyright in 2024 tbh or if that ever happened nvm that has happened in the forum before i bilnd :skull:

In the way back machine you can actually find even older homesceeen designs can you find it?