Concept - Switching to previous evols?

Actually considering adding this:

You can switch back to any of your previous evols, allowing you to use that ability.
Now if you prefer an ability over an ability of a next evol, it won’t stop you from still progressing in the game (since you can come back to any previous evol you used).
Cooldown 2 mins before you can change to one of your past evols.
Also can give birth to new and interesting pvp strats
This also means I can reuse more evols in next trees instead of making exponentially new ones


If you’re fighting though you’ll probably need a way to tell what ability they have (ex. tank abil could instakill you but you wouldn’t know if they have it or not)

yeah this might be great

Yes you still will only have one evol at a time so if someone is tank you can see that, and I will probably make it so that you have to wait 10 more seconds after switching to use an ability, otherwise you can quick switch and abuse, or maybe that is a strat… idk

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Oh so it just changes entire evol not just abil

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Yep, instead of the current evolving system, you would instead of collect evols and can switch to whichever ones you want.


Wait would that mean that you can max both tank and berserker paths or just one of them

Also forgot to say this but overall I like this idea, it’d be very useful for grinding especially changing between a grinding class like lumberjack and a fighting class like tank or warrior


seems cool

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It’s like switching between Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan God lol, pretty cool.


Well you wouldn’t be able to even try the Tank class if you are in berserker class, since that’s a first level evol. You would need to try that in a new game. And also for each option you will only be able to pick one so like if the options were Samurai and Rook you can only have either Samurai or Rook


Yeah that balances it a lot

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i had suggestions like this long ago…

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Y e s

that would be amaziing

A ton of suggestions like this XD even with stats

gautam what are you adding to swordbattle wtf

Add a switch cooldown maybe???

Out of context quote :sob: