Concerns about v2

so as you all (prolly) know, v2 is coming out soon, but we still know tons of things about it thanks to its trailer on youtube.

but some people are not without doubts…

what are you most nervous about in v2 that you think might interfere with the game?

for me, i would say the thing i’m most worried about is v2’s kb in terms of pvp with players, bots, and mobs.

what about you? post your concerns down below in the comments



I already made apost abt it i would prob link it but i cant


knew it

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Oh, the mobs

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I’m concerned that V2 is going to give you more ideas for posts :pensive:

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this post useless theres already one like this

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Whos is it?

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U said that someone had a similar post so im wondering whos post was it

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I honestly don’t care what happens in v2 Im alright with 90% of the map being destroyed in an apocalyptic event I just want it out already


so true

don’t we all…? :pensive:

I don’t really care, the only concern I have is bugs.

yeah, i feel there lots of people are going to exploit the bugs they find when v2 first comes out

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That’s what we V2 testers are for :wink:


I dont like the direction the games going. Idk if im even gonna play after v2. Gautam is getting lazy and making excuses and taking it down a bad path

Why do you say so? Dont anger Gautam, he’ll take your mod away

Bruh I already made this

The devisions hes been making

I love bugs in game (Necromancer infinite square glitch in old dreads arras :sob: I wanted it to work but it was patch)