You see i was in swordbattle in this forum since last year sep
in my old main Screenshot 2024-02-23 5.57.56 PM

so i was hoping to have it back lmao.
“i started the microwave skin war”


I’m gonna need more convincing bro

alr Microwave skin lololol - #22 by Korbreeto

i had beef with frumpy and korbreeto


i see why not i lost unfortunatly :sob:

and i was so mad that the whole server had deef with me :cry:

think iwas perm banned i can’t log in :sob:

i am sorry ig

Nah dosnt say on your pfp

Cant mods just see if your ips match or they can send a password reset to the email yoh used

ik it used to ssay sussy_baka1 and i changed to Dripped_out1 bc of bully my name (aka korbreeto)

ofc it doesn’t :skull: im minion now
btw i was here before all this happen before u were #1

i usally talk to potato lord or desert shadow (dev used to be i think)

If it true dats awsome lmao

If that’s true then that’s crazy.


u were there weren’t u wasd?

Yea lol I remember XD

why you got beef with em tho?

idk i made the skin and ppl were not impressed

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