Continuing max's legacy

who was max?

Max was an amazing storyteller who made stories about people in, but like all good things it only lasted for a day, during he which he gained hundreds and views and 10 followers in a day which is the world record i’m pretty sure.

after a day, his stories started to get worse, with other languages, more violence and low effort-ness. he eventually got really toxic to the community and bullied many users until he was warned by staff and self delete his account

what i’m going to do

I am going to start telling stories about swordbattlers, except they won’t beas good as max’s but I will try my best.

My first story will be out soon!


I will always remember max since I don’t rlly like to read but when he started to post these amazing stories it was a complete life changer lol


Also Goodluck

i don’t think anyone knew this but I work for max if u want a story u can always just ask me! :slight_smile:


i don’t approve this as max’s fellow worker

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max went down fast yikes… but its cool to see someone continue his idea in a less toxic manner.


Thanks, I just posted my frist story i just realized how long it is wow. My stories aren’t as interesting as maxs but i’m trying


@Mitbald can yu keeep some of max’s better posts for legacy?

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All of his post alr public I’m pretty sure, besides bad one?

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were? are they

where are they?

Just look up his name

Yo! I got 12 followers in a day!


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