Corns & Frogs in

Once upon a time, in the land of, players were engaged in an intense battle. They were fighting hard, swinging their swords and throwing them at each other, all in the hopes of becoming the ultimate champion.

But amidst all the chaos, something strange happened. Suddenly, the ground started shaking, and the players felt as if something was moving beneath their feet. They looked around, and to their amazement, they saw a field of corn growing out of nowhere! They couldn’t believe their eyes. They had been fighting for so long that they had forgotten about the possibility of there being any food or animals in the game.

As the players approached the cornfield, they heard a strange croaking sound. They looked closer and saw that there were frogs hiding among the cornstalks. The frogs were the size of basketballs and had swords strapped to their backs. The players were surprised to see the amphibians wielding swords just like them.

One player stepped forward, and the frogs, sensing danger, prepared to defend themselves. But the player had a different idea. He proposed a game - the frogs against the players in a battle to the death. The frogs agreed, and the two sides prepared for an epic showdown.

The battle began, and the players swung their swords at the frogs, who jumped around gracefully, dodging their attacks. The frogs responded by using their long tongues to grab the players’ swords and fling them back at them. It was a fierce battle, but the players were determined to win.

As the fight raged on, one of the players noticed that the cornstalks were moving. They looked closer and saw that there were more frogs hidden in the fields, waiting to ambush them. The players quickly formed a plan and divided into two teams. One team focused on fighting the frogs while the other focused on clearing out the cornfield.

As the players were preoccupied with fighting the frogs and clearing out the cornfield, they failed to notice that something else was stirring in the game world. Suddenly, a AI corn robot emerged from the field, towering over the players and the frogs alike.

The players and the frogs stared in awe and fear as the robot began to move, its eyes glowing red as it scanned the area. The robot was armed with massive swords, and its movements were lightning-fast. The players and the frogs were no match for it.

The players swung their swords and threw them at the robot, but it was like hitting a brick wall. The frogs, too, leaped and attacked the robot with all their might, but their swords merely bounced off its thick armor. The robot continued to advance, and the players and the frogs were quickly running out of options.

Suddenly, the robot spoke. Its voice boomed across the game world, and the players and the frogs could barely hear themselves over the sound.

“I am the guardian of this cornfield,” the robot said. “You have disturbed the peace, and for that, you must pay.”

The players and the frogs knew that they were in trouble. They tried to team up and retreat, but the robot was too fast. It was clear that they were no match for it.

And then, it happened. The robot swung its massive sword, and with one swift motion, it destroyed the game world. The players and the frogs watched in horror as the land of crumbled and disappeared before their eyes.

In the end, the players and the frogs learned a valuable lesson. They realized that they should have been working together instead of fighting against each other. If they had joined forces, they might have been able to defeat the giant robot and save the game world.

But it was too late. The land of was gone, and the players and the frogs were left with nothing but their memories of the battles they had fought.



how do you write these in 3 minutes :skull:

thats what i was thinking lol we asked them to write this likee 5 min ago and its alr here


this is amazing

Your just on a story writing spree O_o

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swordbattle io bad ending :sob: :sob:

This kinda reminds me of an AI generated story actually…

Is it?

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no its about me so it cant be

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