Crustacean Skin

Crustation Skin
Price: 1.3m
Desc: Don’t get pinched

Dartboard (10)
Untitled (18)


Looks cool. But uh, change the title

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nice man


Ooooooh nvm my bad

also sword looks bad with the contrast of forum, i will change it

it is so cute

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i actually kinda like the sword

out of all of your creations i hope this one gets added the most

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thanks that means alot to me :D

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What do you use to make skins?
They all seem to have a cool neon effect.


I use vectr, if you set the shadow to have no x or y displacement and set the blur to 15, it makes a neon effect :slight_smile:

ur swords are cool

the way that one claw is bigger than the other kinda makes it look like kingler

the heck



sword deserves better

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So no?

wtf why did u put a pic of Kingler

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