Custom Skins

To make a custom skin, you would pay N coins for the amount of brush strokes you do
Who thinks this is a good idea?

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  • noe

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sorry in advance for the straight 48 hours of coding that would be put in to this

lmao the main problem is i don’t know how many brush strokes they do

you add an editor in game, and count how many

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i would actually help with the editor

too much work for a simple thing in my opinion

would you say yes if i code the whole thing myself lmao

Sure, why not, the code is all on github


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I think it’d be better if you costed them n amount of coins for every pixel’s color difference from the default skin.

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good idea!

if everyone had a custom skin wht would be the point of shop skins

didnt think abt that lol

double bump hmmm

triple bump