Cylinder skin

Name: Cylinder
Desc: It’s 3D!
Price: 975,579

(There’s no reason this should be discounted, because it’s a circle. right?)


(Anyways, if this doesn’t work for some reason, then I give up. :skull: )
(Edit: Fixed Color and price drop)


It’s better than before but am not sure


i think it is a bit over priced nice skin though still dont know about the graphics again


yea, i made price a little lower. How much do you think it should be though?

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since all the numbers are rounded maybe 1mil or 900k lets see what others think


yea you tell me how you think this fits in

first thing is see is what i think is the sword being off thats all i see at the moment

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oh and looking up makes me sick

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I love and hate this so much

this is art

yea and a lesson on why 3d thing dont work in 2d games

The only reason I cant see this working is because its not a perfect circle. If it fit the requirements of “circle or die” then I could see this in the game

maybe a sphere cylinder looks like it got a big gut

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I think its fine

maybe a vote

I have spoken

okay all wise one

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its garbage, I love it!

I love it too

This is a perfect example of barely being good enough to add :laughing:


Fr lol

Is it good enough tho? New art style…