Daily Challanges! Funny Edition

Daily Challanges

  • get 100K coins
  • get 40 kills in each round
  • slap @Slapadabass’s bass
  • Team up with a nother clan >:)

On The Last Day Of May There Will Be The Ultimate Challange im not going to reveal what the challanges there are going to be.

1st day of summer comes with Daily challanges ;D


how the hell do we do the third one, like should I just go up to slap and be like :shoot: let me touch you

I mean he has been eaten before soo nothing is immpossible

I will :shoot: you if you even think about touching my bass

Wait slap I thought you were the bass?! Why would would you need a bass for yourself

Hmm I would say no, you might get arrested for sexual harassment charges.

more like goofy ahh

That wasn’t very funny… :(

are you kidding?

say “Look at your goofy ahh drip, so goofy, ahh”

sayt hat

No, that meme is so dead

IT’s possible for me… can you allow me to touch wilber??

No. >:(
Do not touch wilber

can I slap wilber?? :pray:


done with all of them :)

I played with slap today and slaped him he was using his skin his pfp i slaped him ones with my sword :slight_smile:

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thank you

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never maybe soon?

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