day 9

am i a rizzler? my face kinda leaked
Screenshot 2024-03-04 4.25.19 PM

Screenshot 2024-03-04 4.25.30 PM
bye bye audio in backround

Keep the streak going broski :fire: :fire:

ye ye if u keep this up ur gonna get some serious gains looks good already but just a couple months more and a noticable improvement

also tip if u want but ik haircuts r sensitive lol: grow your hair out then go to the barber to make like a cut thats wavy-long kinda cuts off a bit above the jawline it will frame ur face good i think

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alr alr

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like maybe smth like this but longer? or not, idrk, just a suggestion but the forehead framing seems good for ur face shape

you failed no mewing march

have to break it im on a streak

why does he look like a emo furrie :skull:

lol idfk

I mean your js sucking your cheeks, it’s not your actual progress. You should rather show us a before and an after, then we can see a difference because right now that’s just temporary. EDIT: I was the mewing maestro on pvp’s acc :grimacing:. Also lil bro what grade r u, u seem a bit too young for this, I mean start early the better I get it but…

It actually takes years not months if you do it naturally meaning no products(for eg the face skin fat tool thingy).

buddy, its no mewing march.

yea but months for a visible improvement

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u look chinese ah hell

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