Detective cvefy skinn

i don’t know if someone arldy post this but
it is the cvefy skin plz add it @Mitblade
Screenshot 2022-10-28 9.02.45 PM
Screenshot 2022-10-28 9.02.49 PM

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sword is just purple

(also detective cvery, lol)

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I made the skin

so if you want me to change the sword I can

and also, if you are going to post a skin I made, give me credit.

backround of image seems copyright, idk could be wrong?

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Its not check

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or @Fish is this copyright?

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recenter text and submit it, otherwise looks good with me

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okay, and is the font copyright? that part i do not know :/

font cannot be copyright, its font lol

okay, did not know. LOL

no because self promotion it cant just have your name in the skin


but dev XD

do you have to be like top 5 in world?? to get that special permission??

no, top 10

sooo cvefy can dew it

yep (7 char limit)

what dat mean?

what does what mean?