Devil's Eye skin

desc:hahaha evil

Ugh not again

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i did

for 5 hours

the skin took me 1 hours to make

no kidding i look like npc
spams new skins every 1mins lol

Well first of all, we already have a devil skin. I don’t know if ManagePasswords will put another “devil” skin even if you name it devils eye.

The actual skin:
I think you could add more detail to the body. It is only the eye right now. Maybe some shading/more shapes would help.
The eye looks pretty good.
Horns could be more complex, such as making them curved, shading, etc.

The sword:
Not really a fan of just copy and pasting the eye twice… makes it feel a little low effort. Also the red is very bland. Maybe a color or two more would help it, along with shading. The red glow looks nice but not over the sword. Maybe just remove the black outline, or the entire front part of the sword? I think it would give it a more ethereal feel to it.

Keep in mind, most of this is my opinion


i dont like this skin

and eye of cthulu might be added if I beg to both coder and religion enough lol

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