Different ways to solve your lag!

How to solve my FPS? Its soo low.
You cannot really solve this problem, its on your side. Its usually due to Computer Performance, as if you have a horrible gpu and low ram, you have a high chance on getting lower FPS. I suggest using a great graphics card and 4gb+ ram to get lower FPS.

MacBook Pro 16GB Ram with Intel Chip - Around 65-75fps when starting the
game, once after 50k coins you will slow down to 25-50fps. Then at 1M+ you
may get 5-20fps.

Windows 10 PC 12gb ram AMD Chip (GeForce GPUs) - Around 80fps when starting
the game, once after 50k coins you will slow down to 50-75fps. Then at 1M+ you
may get 35-50fps.

Other: unknown (rpi 4 usually stays at 10fps)

My TPS is at 10 and its very bad lag
This is on swordbattle 's side, swordbattle’s servers (usa and eu) arent great performance right now and may not be able to handle more than 30 players at a time. If its getting higher TPS I suggest switching to a server with less players.

My PING is at 200+ms, anything to fix?
This is your side once again, well technically your location. You can sometimes solve this using a VPN. If the ping is bad on EU, either live in Germany/United Kingdom or set your VPN to the United Kingdom Country. If you are having bad ping on US, live near Central USA (Iowa) or set your VPN to Iowa / Nebraska / Texas / California / South Dakota / etc.

Hopefully this helps.


wht about windows 11? cus i have windows 11 update

Windows 11 is typically the same as Windows 10 with just UI updates. It still is the same as Windows 10. (same with windows 7 and blah blah blah)


i was kidding wht about 8gb ram amd ryzen 5000 series


Im gonna say just a little downgrade on the fps by like 3-5. I just put the performance details on what I tested on

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i have school chromebook



Nah if ur having a problem just move closer lets say you live in USA but you want to grind EU just move to Europe. xD