Disconnection Bug Creates an Even BIGGER Problem


So ya’ll know how every time you play, the game LAGS really bad. And sometimes, at least for me, it gets so bad that it DISCONNECTs me from the game entirely. I’ve noticed this happening a lot recently, and I came across a VERY annoying bug.

The Bug :beetle:

So I got disconnected earlier, and usually it’s annoying, but I just rejoin and eat whoever stole my coins (:
But this time, something different happened. When I disconnected, it didn’t kick me from the game, I couldn’t play, but my character was still in the game. SOOOOOOOO… when I tried to log back in, it wouldn’t let me because I was “Already playing from another device.”


If this happens a lot then it’s going to be kinda annoying, so I hope this gets fixed.

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THE BUG IS BACK?? plz let it not be

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this happened to me once prob a bug since new skin update and abi bind

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Oh,yeah that is so annyoing, and that happened to me yesterday.

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Usa 2 offline forever

This bug has been around for a long time. I remember seeing my player when I joined the game again after being disconnected, but it was never a problem. Only now that you can’t join with the same account twice does it become a problem.

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Yeah but when it get repetitive I. Shot amounts of time that’s bad and stacking with what you have said it would be miserable

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It is only for a while for me then it stops

Yeah I agree they should either (This is just a suggestion) delete this or make an ability so that if you are playing on another device it just disconnects the other device.

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