Disconnection Bug!

i keep getting disconnected im i doing something wrong or is it the server



I don’t know why, my wi fi is not cutting in and out, and my wifi says it is on the max bar


same so server?

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it has to be…

i got disconnected too

I will take a look and post here.

I wonder why
It just happened 3 times in the past minute

there so many reasons i dont want to start the list

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After investigating… I have no clue why this is happening.
It doesn’t happen on my Mac, but I can see it happening on my windows computer

since i don’t know why this is happening, i will wait for a few days, and then I will see the issue

there are SO many reasons why this could happen

it could be a heroku serve problem too, so I want to eliminate that first

after a few days if this is still happening it is probably my code’s fault in the new update

I will try to pinpoint the issue and fix it

Please be patient as optimizing a game is really hard and one of the tedious processes of multiplayer game development.


k makes sense good luck

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I’ve been monitoring the server, can you please check again.

The server load seems to have decreased, has anything improved for anyone?


yea i tested it out still disconnects

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i HAVE disconnected but havent checked after the fix

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Just happened. To me and others. Atest saved coins

Alright, I will still wait a few days.