Do you think is dying?

Is dying?

  • Yes, it’s dying
  • No, it’s not dying
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If you do think it is dying, how do you think I can revive it?

Hmmm I don’t think its dying but I feel like to improve the game maybe adding more skins or items, it would make it better.

no one actually thinks its dying lol

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I feel like it needs sharing more. I think most people are from the KaJAM or just happened to stumble across it.

how do you think i can promote

Ads about the game

yes to adds

hmm i’m gonna do it when school starts again since all io games are losing players rn, including mine

Yes def it’s dying just look ther’es so many bots now

no it is not before there was only 10 people ik cuz i joined when there was only 2 servers

85 days ago

maybe you can add a avatar which you can change it kinda like roblox your able to change stuff and maybe add a friends list to play with your friends like a 1v1.



Unknown I like the idea of a friends list but the first idea i think it would probably ruin the purpose of buying skins

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ooh okay no skin but i really want a friends list and maybe you can change your sword buying adding a shop of swords.

by on buying

I only like the friends list idea. Sorry lol-

me 2

i’m planning to add a follower system but not a friends system sadly

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maybe u could add different modes like only throwing swords


That’s interesting. Maybe that could come when the room system gets implemented.