Does Acol sleep?

This is my proof
Something is… different about this day.
Would you like to tell us what you did that day?
Besides Swordbattle?
lol XD

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my guy had no sleep, no food, no water, no grass, no floor, no ceiling, only Swordbattle.


i had eat and pee.


And you have slaves working for you lol

Comrade, I will ask politely, do you have a life?


Who are this slaves? I have a friend.

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Makes sense.

Hmmmm sus :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You should probably use a different word, just sayin’ :)

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I’m one of his slaves

bruh how do u even do that
theres points when i just ant last for more than ten minutes cause my ping is going over 1000 and i cant fight at all

Do you want to be freed?

No master

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