Dragonfruit skin!

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Dragonfruit skin, sorry if it’s not up to my usual standards, I’m not used to drawing fruits
I feel like a dragonfruit, if it was sharp/hard enough, could be a good mace head, so I made it a mace. If you guys have any ideas for descriptions, prices, or even changes in design, please let me know. Thanks!


Great skin! Is it supposed to be sword with a dragonfruit tip?

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Basically yeah lol
I probably should’ve made it more pointy though…


Yeah it’s horrible this shouldn’t be added, look at this skin: The rocker outer and try to post something better again

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Bros not good at drawing fruits but draws better that me



I really love it! Seeing this makes me wanna get dragonfruit, even though I’ve had it before and remember it tastes like nothing. But its colors are so pretty lol.

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Dude it still looks amazing and wants me to eat witch I’m going to go do

Fire skin

Bruh why its not horrible


just a hater and its not you’re its your


… そんなつもり無かったんだけど

Lol it was just sarcasm don’t worry

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Looks great!

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yo this skin is sick :augh:

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