Go smash these eggs for a chance to get easter baskets - that is if you can catch them!


Its not worth it at all ._.


Bro still mad about the chatban

no, i got 2 ducks from the eggs x-x

The chance is lower for people who are chatbanned


Yeah, its a unique feature

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The solution is to not be racist and toxic so you don’t get chatbanned

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just got all of the easter skins :fire: :fire:

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i killed over 30 eggs and only got 4 baskets

What you get for being racist and toxic

the chance is just lower for people that are chatbanned

But hey i still got all of the skins

Skill issue

How is that a skill issue?

lemmie dumb it down for you

bc you were toxic → less skins → you complain → skill issue

the point is, i had fun i got all the skins i dont care :)

There was only one decent skin the rest looks kinda bad

Do you even play normaly?