Eggy skin

Name: Eggy
Price: 1,000,000
Description: I fell off a wall



the bacon could definitely be added on to or made more sword-like, i also see no need for a face on the egg

i think the face makes it cute :) i can fix that sword

it just doesn’t fit the artstyle that way

its cute >:(

but not swordbattley

idk i think it does

if u look at the dragon skin its just a wing


arent all of ur skins getting added anyways?

still, I like it can we add it it’s super cute

unfortunately not sry


Name: Eggy
Price: 5,600,000
Description: I fell off a wall.


didint someone else do these that is what you said and you posted them?

none of them are

yea but i paid him for rights to say they’re mine and use them

Yea I’ve seen these all before I don’t know where tho

2 had some copyrighted images in them so all of them got dealted

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alr enought talking about it