ElijahTheVirus skin

The Name Will be ElijahTheVirus
750,000 But Free For This Event only just for the boys and girls :wink:


should i make the skin darker and change the sword to purple

Nice concept but I think a better name would be just “Virus”


ok im cool with that

honest I like it but I think it should cost arund 2-3mill

ar maybe add something in the middle of the skin it seems kinda bare there other than thatr I really like it

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ok so you think i should add another version of the skin for 2.0 and name it Virus 2.0?

ooo that would be cool
I dont usally talk on the skins but this one is something I would buy so yeah try another one

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It should cost the same as the patchwork and glitch since it goes well with that theme

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ok ima get started

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I really like this skin.


Thank You!!!

nice skin :muscle: :+1:

it got added