Epic Base

I helped make this epic Base. Than I betrayed and killed all of them heheheh

what an L base. Just use an aura shield and like 3 alchemists

cap :billed_cap: :billed_cap: :billed_cap:
did NOT killed all of ur friends

5 bc it’s insta heal

ive never tried it so i don’t know the exact number

o well 1mp tirede it but it was impossible to kill especially with one person

ur lazy ahh is not even in the leaderbored :skull:
especially when the lowest one is 12

i wonder who killed u

My mother had me tested.

I better not find your ah on realmz :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

epic silly moment

Well well well


ooohhh… I remember doing this a long time ago with Riot and Imposter and we never got killed bc we had 4 or 5 alchemists

Guys this is not me this is somes alt pretending to be me.

bro be trolling

Damn. He’s got like the exact same goofy ahh speech patterns too