Every Swordbattle.io link Ever

This is just a mega post of every link that I have found so far. If you can’t play or your school blocked it then try one of these links.


Made it a wiki so you guys can add your own

thanks mate

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@gautam can this be pinned?

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I don’t know who added this one, but that’s a proxy, not SB. Maybe you count it the same, but idk.

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if it works it works

Nice, one of them is unblocked! (The second-last one)

like my post if this helped you
please I need to feed my family


please :face_holding_back_tears: I have 15 links so far

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I used a different one but it got block. It was https://vneec0.csb.app/ First one on the last row

i like how half of these are random websites I found after going thorough 10 pages of google lol

Why :skull:

They just rolled back a lot of edits it looks like. Wonder why.

@Slapadabass can you please revert

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Yeah i have no idea what happened… I was just trying to click out of the page and i guess that happened

what comment should I put on the europesword link

any suggestions?

WOW HOW SURPRISING! its all blocked for me -_-

every single one? even the proxies and websites?