Evil or good test 😈

  • Kill dude who asked you to spar him
  • Kill dude who ask you to spar him by walking away them throwing sword
  • spar the dude his life
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Your friend is playing with you what do you do
  • Fight them
  • Team with them until they get 20k use there ability lure them to corner then kill the
  • Grind together
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You are going to kill a dude what do you do
  • Just kill him
  • Say something while spinning like if you have syth skin you say time to harvest
  • Spin and kill
  • Say gg
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In a few days the results will come in


k how many combinations

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wdym? if you mean mean how many out comes there will be i think 3 or 4 still working on it


yeah thats what i mean

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whats advice to get into top 100

ill show you my rank

you should grind so use berzerk class that makes you move faster witch allows you to pick up more coins


ok thx k

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The results are out and the fourm is actually full of kind people):


Every one on the first pool who did the top vote you are awesome and play true toxic so far

…Why sad face?

For second poll the toxic one is waiting to kill them at 20k also the let them do the work for you move

And uh… You voted for that one? :no_mouth:

As for the last one say gg means you nice spinning means your fun just killing them means you are getting it over with and just need there coins and doing and saying your saying means your toxic but also awesome ( totally didint put that there to see who else dose that ;)

I would neaver I’m just saying how I play

Ah okay

Don’t ask my friends they have more stories

I won’t

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For that you get a follow

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