Evil skin

here is a skin i created



i really like the sword


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so far I made a music skin, a summer warrior skin, and a blueberry skin, and now I am in progress of the sword for movie skin, I already made the skin, LOL just in 2 or 3 days.

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I spent so long on these skins. Also how long did it take you?

good for you

how long did it take you?

i couldn’t make up my mind but the body took around 10 min the sword 5 min though out my week

cool! for me it was just coming up with the idea that it took so long… lol

yea my original idea was a leaf pile for fall

couldn’t think of a sword lol

that would have been cool! with all the colors!

I think you should try that

yea i may do still dont know


if i do what should the sword be?

orange and red colors, and maybe a tinge of yellow.

ok ty