Evo idea

coolest part is its special

Sword Master

  • Level 3 200k
  • Speed 1
  • health 1
  • KB 1.1
  • strength 1.3
  • CD 90 secs
  • abillity, while everything else ab this might be lacking in skill, the real reason for picking this evo is for its special. It gains a speed boost and manifests spinning swords around itself (constantly rotating to add a cool effect), which do 1.5 damage when thrown. there are 6 swords and each can be thrown. these will have the same look as blaze rods on a blaze from minecraft, and will also look like the knives from the special of a valorant character,(i think her name is “jet”). swords will not be taken away from the skin if thrown, there are still six shown until the specials concludes.

still need a desiegn for the skin and the special.

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i mean that is nice tho

I like it, but the name is bad.

nukes, ill try and make a skin, ik im not the best skinmaker but this should be a fairly easy skin to make.

the name and idea is good, but i dont think the special move is possible, like manage has mentioned many times before, animated items make the game way too laggy and are way too complicated to do.

then just make it an animated texture, like mc lava was.

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