Evolution Ideas

Hi, as you all might know, we have added the evolution update beta yesterday.

We are looking to expand the classes, and we’re going to ask the community for this. Please send your class ideas below. Make sure they aren’t too op, so that the game stays balanced.

Classes and abilities can only modify the following properties:

  • speed
  • size
  • knockback dealt
  • knockback taken
  • damage
  • health
  • swing speed
  • heal speed and heal cooldown

For the special ability, we can set a time period it will last and a cooldown to wait until activating the ability again.

If you have any ideas, reply here!


How about the opposite of the tank, a assasin, which has a ability where it is fast, one shots but can also get one-shotted and has a ton of cd



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cool down



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How about a knight. I made concept art for the class. But it should be added. There are two abilities There is one ability when it can be substantial. There is another ability where it could be super fast like a jouster. And the knight is more powerful than the tank. But you need to go to level 30 to get the class. So that is my suggestion.

just a question but whats the new lvl cap

200k coins or level 35 iirc

@gautam you should make a mechanic evolution. it would have a special ability to shoot a spike or a nail or something in all directions. dealing damage to everything around it.

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You have extra range and its ability is to charge


i think u could unlock more ability the more u lvl up

yea there gonna be more evolutions but not anytime soon sadly :(

when will summer skin comeout

Like I said I’m not working on the game currently everything will be delayed

oh i thot minor update might com out

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Maybe no guarantees

yay, by minor i just mean increase in chest value

awww mannn