Exposing Gautam and the demise of Sword battle

Gautam is making a certain “carball.io” which shall spell the end of swordbattle.io.
All updates to swordbattle shall disappear as he will work only on Car Ball.

I shall be surprised if Gautam manages to work on both.

the complete irrelevancy of this lmao many sucessful coders have gained popularity on more than one games while updating both consistantly. swordbattle.io is more popular than carball.io, plus, so it would make no sense whatsoever if gautam abandoned swordbattle.io for carball.io.

holy yapping

holy irrelevancy

Shut up

the man himself came back when nobody needed him the most.

expose someone with proof and hard evidence to back yourself up


he not gonna actually do it tho

carball probably won’t be worked on further until sb gets a decent update

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