Fastst way to Grind coins?

What are the best ways yall like to grind coins?

| Who has the higest amount of coins?
| What is the highest amount of coins you guys have had?


Here is a few suggestions.
Teaming, by having a better player(s) leave the server and you collecting all of their coins. You could also get a better player to get a chest into red and get the coins from that, but you probably would have to be friends with that person or know them irl, as a lot of better players probably won’t give you coins for free. I’ll likely add more later.

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does this mean eat ur teammates?

cannibalism were you die and eat your loot repeatably is such a life hack i do it all the time

OHHHH thats very smart, ill def do that when i play later.

ask a high level player to give them to you!!! XD

Like that!!!

or just go around like coder made the game. chests, then players.

ik a solution to that


G R I N D :slight_smile:

@harsh is right Thats the real strat