Few minor bugs/improvements

When i click the link for leaderboard it goes to coins all time. I used to think scout was number one bc of tht. Can u make it tht it goes to xp lb insyead bc thts the real measure of a player? @gautam

Ive noticed that when i play on incognito on mobile it shows tht u r on mouse plus keys and the same situation for the compiter shows mouse only. Idk if this is on purpose but i feel tht it is switched and shud be the other way around. @gautam

Small bug is that when i hold down (w) and (d) at the same time, the sword doesnt throw when i press (c)

  1. Yes I was thinking of this before too! It will be changed soon.

  2. Ok the controls thing, This is because of how the game works internally. The mouse controls are default on PC, because I believe many players find it easier playing with one hand, than using 2 hands for playing (one for movement, one for aiming). On mobile, “keys” trigger the joystick to appear, so that’s why it’s set as the default.

    I think it would be better to have a pop up box that asks you to select a mode, only the first time you play, since at the end of the day these options are only for the players convenience, we cannot choose for them.

    Will be added someday but low priority

  3. I have not seen this bug, will look into it and update you back.

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Doesn’t the leaderboard default to coins instead of xp now?

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Yep it’s kinda stupid since nobody is gonna try going for 2mil+ anymore

it’s a stupid waste of time because grinding coins usually means waiting for bosses because chests give nothing

Another reason why the chest update should actually be added

chests suck rn they arnt even worth getting unless you are ᵛᵉʳʸ small buff them please

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