Fire fanatic skin

I call him fire fanatic


Btw he is 10,000 coins

I love it, one of the best skins I have seen here in a while. <3


Am so sad @gautam


Gautam is saying the highest quality DRAWN skin. The ones you added use google images, literally 70% of them. If they don’t they aren’t high quality.

You should rly do a competition for best DRAWN skin. If they use any image from Google or whatever they are disqualified

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Maybe he means his Fishymine skin, it was drawn. I hate to break it to you but we all know this looks better

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They both are good, the fishymine skin @ManagePasswords made has WAYYYYYY more detail.

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I made another one as well…

The skin for this one is insane tho

I feel like the quality of skins is slowly declining. The first ones were crisp and good looking, by Jasper I think, but now they have become sloppier and like fishy said, many of them are from google. Maybe we should do a competition and ONLY the winner(s) get added.


I like the idea andi was thinking it the other day. They also have less details now. Harsh and angel make good quality I’ve notice with detail. Erger is very simple and a lot of other are low quality and google

wow thats fire

I am working on a new skin right now. It should be good. Also I have another skin i was making on the side. I will post it soon, or maybe I should save it for the competition : )


If there is a competition

yes, it has more detail, but detail is not always a good thing. I think this looks better (in my opinion, no offense cosmic)


No offense taken. I agree. The truth must be upheld

U sed yes so im hapy

I like how I’ve had like no other comments in this other than the “Btw he is 10,000 coins”.

Obviously you havent seen mine