First grind in a while!

soo today i grinded for my first time in…quite a while, actually!

i think it turned out really well for me not grinding in like so long (a month i think). i think that grinds can be really fun once you get into them.

there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of grinding in’s simplistic charm, in my opinion.

to be honest, it turned out much better than i expected it to! i might grind some more sometime soon…pretty fun, actually!

i think the key to having fun grinding is to not grind too much and for too long, just in moderation.

anyways, here’s my stats for anyone who wants to know. (a bit rusty lol)

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What evols did you take?

i got tank, then warrior, then lumberjack. after that i just stayed at lumberjack because it is much faster to break chests.

praying on your downfall lil cuz

120K is average but good job about 100K XP

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ima suck your incognitoes

yea, ik its average, didnt want to spend too much time for my first time grinding in a month, y’know?

ah makes sense

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I know you grinded so you could get the extra topic

You can’t hide the truth

nah i actually didnt what i did was i grinded, then i thought of making the topic

Just slide pass in dms and you be on top 100 in no time ;)

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