First impressions of gatdamn

as you guys may know, NORMALLY i play but…I was curious, so. so…

I tried

and i here are my first impressions (I will do this on and other io games soon)…

this was pretty interesting because it was nothing like I expected. so I honestly didn’t know anything about gatdamn, but when I logged on it turned out to be a sort of shooter game. I normally don’t play shooting games (i’m quite bad actually lol) buut… I tried it anyway.

(the name character limit was annoying cuz i couldn’t be incognitoes so i had to be incognit lol)

but I hopped on and decided to give it a try and i was actually pretty good at it (first time playing and I got a kill streak of 20) it’s actually pretty fun! very fast-paced! basically, when an enemy shows up (I’m not sure if they are bots or ppl), you have to kill them while taking as little damage as you can, and once you kill them you heal by collecting a dropped gun? i don’t really know. the visuals need some work tho…

here is my numbered rating: ( I will expand the catagories if you guys want)

REVISED looks: 4.3/10

gameplay: 9.7/10

overall: 14/20


I think u mean out of 20?


That’s my favorite thing about this. It’s really fast-paced, kind of like


that can translate to 6.6/10

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Thank you!!!
This was my first ever game so I understand the looks rating XD

Yes so when you kill another player you can get the gun they were holding and more health…
The weapon stats can be seen by holding number keys, I made it a bit like GTA5 lol. A weapons wheel

Will probably use this time to create a better map! It needs to be more io game (like more minimal in a way)


I love the Rickroll


Thank you!! Almost everyome falls for it lol


Id say the same for looks, but i would say add like a server selection cause im getting 900ms ping on a good day


And 35fps for no reason


Overall, its really good

until you die from someone with 5000 ping and you lag


For me, it was smooth af and I had over 100fps the thing I hate the most is the graphics and the fact that when you die… nothing saves :D so I have to redo my name, and chacters…

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oh also I think I was a little harsh on looks I think the looks are a 4.3 (I will update post now)

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Server is in India iirc