First Impressions of

I wanted to make this post so fellow swordbattle players can share their first impressions of For any swordbattle players who haven’t played it, I recommend giving it a try. Hopefully, players will find this discussion interesting/amusing.

I’ll begin by sharing a few of my personal thoughts:

  • Healing naturally feels slow: Even after getting some regen upgrades (note: I wasn’t able to fully max it out), it feels like you’re barely healing up. Maybe I’m just used to how quick regen is in swordbattle, but I personally feel like having faster auto-regen would make the game nicer.
  • I don’t really like how the katana works: It looks like you’re swinging backwards, and it takes a while for the sword to rotate enough to hit what’s in front of you. Then again, it’s probably just skill issue. (Note: I’ve mostly been maining sabre, because I feel like it’s the most similar class to swords in swordbattle).
  • I love all the different mobs and biomes: This is something swordbattle lacks; we just have bots with the most random movement. The variety of mobs and biomes is definitely something I really like about this game, and I feel like V2 can benefit from a feature like this.
  • Love the platformer aspect of the game as well

I would love to hear what other swordbattle players’ first experiences playing the game, so please consider adding your own thoughts to this post :)


I agree that the healing feels slow.


this is actual constructive criticism and thoughts good job fr.

also you’re supposed to heal more by getting the red and purple flowers.

and katana is supposed to be a weapon where you press e for autoattack and then just run into someone.
i mean if you want the backwards swinging to be of use to you then u could probably just move yourself into a spot where it hits the enemy faster


Also, unrelated note: I’m surprised no one has used the tag “discussion” before. This the first topic with it.

I did hear that biomes was going to be added in v2.

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Yep, I think gautam showed a sneak peek of how it would look. But I think it would be amazing if the bots were remade into different mobs with different attacks.


Healing feels kind of slow after this update, new mobs are going to have their damages nerfed a bit.


Oh thank goodness, mobs were interfering a lot when I was getting destroyed by other players.

Yeah he showed a peek anyway look in sb topics there has been ideas on it awhile ago if I remember

First game


I have a feeling there is a lot of stuff im going to need to learn @_@


Also it is nice to be able to leave the tab and not lag all the way to Ohio.

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I sadly am a mobile user and while there are controls for mobile it is not the most practical but i remember it being a really fun game on a laptop


Oof I can’t even play yet but it does look fun

It’s sad that people think the Frost staff is terrible, it’s balanced, it’s just because a lot of weapons aren’t balanced (yet).

Also these were some really good nerfs, paladin did not need to be so good for so long lmao now behemoth is actually much much better now which makes sense cuz its lvl

some bozo said that infernal mage should do 8 damage per fireball :crying:

this isn’t even your post.
this is copied from replit lmfao

I wish realmz had better combat, thats the only thing I think the game really lacks… It also is very slow to progress through the levels but thats just a nit-pick

Wdym by better combat?


i mean more fun. right now the combat is pretty elementary. I haven’t played the most but i still think the combat is just “hit the player.” Thankfully the movement expands the combat a whole lot but I think the combat could be improved with some new ideas…

Imo i find combat fun when i fight high skilled players
The only idea i have for making combat more interesting without making it complicated is to have multiple weapon slots


faster healing will be more fast-paced