Follower System!

Follower system!

This is a new feature that might come soon

This is kind-of like a friend system

Following users

When you die to someone in game, or go to someone’s profile page, there will be a button to “Follow” them.

Each person’s profile page will also display their follower count, and how many people they are following.

Clicking on either of the numbers will open a page showing who the user is following/who the user is being followed by.

What does it do?

At the homepage, there will be a sidebar with the list of users YOU are following. You will see whether a person is playing currently, if not when they were last seen, and some other info.

You will also have the option to unfollow a user.

People you follow will have a different color in the Minimap, for easy finding.

Let me know if you think this is fair, and this should be added

  • Yes, this should be added
  • No, this shouldn’t be added
  • Yes, this should be added but with some changes
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Sounds like a fine update


do it


It’s already added

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we are talking abt the game not forum…


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