Forest Lurker Skin

Forest Lurker Skin:
Cost: 700k
Description: Hunt down your targets

Screenshot 2023-11-07 4.07.55 PM


but i still want the green effect to stay becuz its cool. sooo idk what to do

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this looks pretty good. one thing you could fix if you wanted would be to change the shape of this? it looks a bit awkward imo.
Screenshot 2023-11-07 at 5.34.03 PM

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yeah it was kind of hard to fit the hat because i didn’t have enough room in google canvas

struggles man :cry: please please try kleki its google canvas on hard steriods

Can an artist clan up this great concept

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If you don’t mind I can help clean it up


i dont mind

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Let us see if you can pull through, eh?..

Good ol’ unreliableadabass… :slight_smile:

Untitled (85)
Untitled (94)


That is 10x better lol, how did you do the camo so good?

damn, that was like 3 mins, how u soo fast??

You can make a texture by tracing the individual objects from a reference image then applying that as a shape

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thx for the tip

Ah…I had finished the axe as well, just forgot to attach it to the originial post.


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Okay nvm then

@slapadabass Oh…I hope you can forgive me for that…unfortunate comment…I had intended no…ill will

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