Forum biographys Pt2 Neverwincsgo.

Forum Biographies pt2 Neverwincsgo

Nov14 Neverwincsgo Joins the forum.

Nov14-Jan4 Neverwinscgo Is inactive.

Jan4 Neverwincsgo rejoins the forum.

Jan10 Neverwincsgo begins to gain traction, by making a post while they say they will remake your pfp. This is one of their most replied posts, with 155 as of now.

Jan 12 Neverwincsgo gains more traction by remaking the most voted pfp’s again, using more and more detail.

Jan 12-Jan 30 Neverwincsgo continues to post,

Jan 30Neverwincsgo reveals that they are an alt of Ipaddy, natethemaker, and memes.exe.

Jan 31. Neverwincsgo Revales that they will pay 2$ for every follow they have. This causes them to get 25 likes on a post, one of the most ever.

Feb1-Feb5 Neverwincsgo begins to explode in popularity, and also gets a golden badge around this time.

Feb 9 Neverwincsgo reveals that he will have to delay the payment by a week.

Feb 14 Present day.

Again, short because the user was only active for a month.
Next is coder.


could you do me its fine (if not, i understand)

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they will be doing polls soon to do people

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