Forum feedback: forum needs updates

Hello. I am twofoursixeight from Discourse Meta. I see some issues that exist in the forum already.

two-week old bug

If you go to the users directory, go and go down, there will be an issue with the users. The fix was released nearly two weeks ago. The only reason why it still exists is because the forum needs updates.

Old features

Chill Corner ← old tags
New tags can be found here.

There is also a new usercard format, but please don’t use it. It is broken right now.

Thanks, twofoursixeight from Discourse Meta


I’m sorry but who the heck is this person and how does he know so much about discourse?


I also tried the .io game and its fun

im the person from First time playing swordbattle, is this score decent? just fyi i think this will help a little

See, yes, this forum is a bit outdated and needs to be updated, but the owner is currently on a trip and can’t really do anything about it. When he gets back I’m sure these issues will be fixed.


Likely somebody who has used it for a long time.

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I have been using forums that power discourse since last year

I am in:

Dark Gaming
Discourse Meta
Replit Ask

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