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Had to use 2 polls because there were too many contestants for 1.


If you guess correctly you will win 100000000$! (100 Million Dollars!)



Primary: Robot that can transform into other things.

Secondary: Creates Wildfires.


Primary: ANGEL JUMPSCARE: Is immediately used at the very start of the battle and debuffs one of the attackers abilities throughout the whole battle. This move can only be used once every battle. I will stop fighting for a short while if only I somehow receive a cup of tea. If I use too much of my power I will immediately take a short nap to quickly regain all my power back but will wake up if someone tries to attack while I am napping. I can die only if you break my halo but otherwise I can’t die no matter how much you try.

Secondary: Can fly about 30mph - 200mph. Is a good fighter.


Primary: Paint brush lasso that levitates near my side and long and huge. My paint brush lasso can deflect, and push me away from any attacks.

Secondary: The healing paint ball that is super strong; it can deflect anything. My pet “Mars” fights until I finish healing. Biggest downside if someone pours water on my paint ball dissolves and I stop healing, and damageable.

Notes: I have a pet planet “Mars”, and it fights for me when I heal. Also, the paint is incredibly hard like so hard that it bends anything. On the other hand, my pet can just heal rapidly by the cosmos of the galaxy.


Primary: Tough Skin. (Will be hard to pierce.)

Secondary: Very Strong.


Primary: Use an umbrella, it can be utilized as a glider, hook, cane, spear, shield, and is very light and does not take much effort to use. Only one can exist at a time, if it breaks, Flame can summon another one but it takes a while because of shipping.

Secondary: Resistant to mind attacks.


Primary: Sprays water which can soak people.

Secondary: Has water bending power which gets stronger the more he absorbs water.


Primary: Extremely Durable Skin but it rots quickly.

Secondary: Mind Control.


Primary: Blind but strong other senses.

Secondary: Is really fast.


Primary: Partial admin command access.

Secondary: Ability to hack any machine.


Primary: Owns powerful but heavy sword that can tear through reality itself. Using mana they can open a wormhole, and by using 100% mana, can create a black hole that kills anything within a 10 mile radius, including self, and slowly moves things in an 20 mile radius closer, which lasts for 15 minutes. including self.

Secondary: Can dodge any projectile under a speed of 100mph, and has low health. The more projectiles, the greater chance of hitting. When holding sword, abilities are halved (including loss of health!)


Primary: Can summon 5 different ancient machines that each have their own abilities and attacks. The titan, the flying titan, the hound, the soldier, and the metal morph. (only 1 at a time, bots take time to make, bots are temperamental and malfunction in bad conditions. Ex. Heat, water, pressure, electricity, stuff that would kill a machine irl.) ((He also needs to take the time to build each machine.))

Secondary: Knows Martial Arts.


Primary: Can bend light and magic like how a prism would.

Secondary: Fractalization (Temporarily spawns matter controlled by me.)


Primary: Wields shadows which defends from magic attacks.

Secondary: Vulnerable to light and physical attack.


Primary: Shapeshifter.

Secondary: Knife wielder.


Primary: Gambling (Rolls a D20, Jackpot is 16+, Jackpot is x1.25 Damage + 4 minutes of having static 999 hp (You need an attack that does above 999 damage to kill him), If a nat 20 is rolled, Monke does 3x Damage + 12 minutes of having static 999 hp (You need an attack that does above 999 damage to kill him.) (Also is wearing a helmet + Avenger Band-aids.) Also has Imparnumerophobia (fear of odd numbers, odd numbers weaken Monke so he does half damage.)

Secondary: Power Copying (can store 2 abilities at a time) but he has a weak skull.

Drawing by slap:


Primary: Controls Mana.

Secondary: Creates snacks and tea of their own will.


Primary: Her primary ability is the power to tamper with the string of fate and alter reality. It has been shown that whatever she says becomes reality, with no certain limits to her powers except for her resistance to the side effects of using her powers. (She also is really really cute. - PotatoLord)

Secondary: She is weakened by her own power by the amount she spends. (Damaging someone with non-physical damages her as well) ((She also has a fruit allergy/Fruits weaken her.))


Primary: Stretchy Limbs, Detachable Limbs, Shape Shift, Ability Cloning.

Secondary: Portals, Cloning, Gravity Control.


Primary: Mind read within a 15 meter radius. (This also allows him to sense people sneaking up.)

Secondary: Magically talented so he can copy spells. It takes a bit of time and it depends on how intelligent the person he’s mind reading/how complex the spell is. (Limit is 2 spells at a time.)


Primary: Wields a shadow blade which always returns to his hand. It’s able to cut/damage tough materials, though its sharpness depends on his will power/focus.

Secondary: Able to disappear/reappear when stepping into a shadow.

Cvefy (Shadow rider)

Primary: Vampire with a deadly bite.

Secondary: Immune to the sun.


Primary: Slap.

Secondary: The longer he goes without slapping, the more powerful his slap is.


Primary: Can digest any material as if it were food.

Secondary: Can change the size of nonliving things he touches.


Primary: Makes things using a fabricator but I must know how it is made or at least have a theory that could be plausible. (So no physically impossible fantasy stuff.)

Secondary: Use a spell to copy an item, even if I don’t know what it is made out of.


nah id gamble-monke

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Didn’t think anyone else would vote for me, we win these Hue

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aaaaaaa im dumb

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throught heaven and earth i alone am the gambling one

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Oh, and no one is going remember the fact that once I get my gameplan running that i’m practically unstoppable, not to mention the fact that Im on probably the best team in the game? Idc, i know the chances of me coming out on top with my team are low but I have high hopes for my team coming out on top as a general. 1 wins, we all win.

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Slap gonna absolutely destroy everyone fr

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Maybe, never know.

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I have a feeling that I will be bribed with tea ngl

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I appreciate the encouragement :smiling_face:
But I’m cooked

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don’t vote for me bc if i win ppl will say it’s biased, therefore im going to kill me very soon

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hooray, imo you were greatly unbalanced

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I agree, you should kill yourself very soon ((for legal reasons this is a joke)

great way to get killed of by day 2 :skull:

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vote fish, trust me. you must trust me on this one.


Everything is fine I’m their favorite (trust the process)

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can confirm your not

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First off, you’re*

Second off, proof?

first off :nerd_face:
second off yeah 1 sec

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