Forum improvements for you!

I know nobody likes ads, but I recently had to ads to the forum because I’m in a constant loss due to the forum. Anyways due to this extra boost of revenue from ads, I am able to store more content and provide a better experience for you all.

Here are 2 things I have changed on the forum to make up for it!

  • Forum category is now Off-topic. You can now talk about anything on the forum, and it doesn’t have to be related to the game or forum. As with everything else here, make sure to keep it family friendly, make sure the discussions are useful and welcoming to everyone. Do not discuss any sensitive topics.
  • No more character limit. The character limit is now greatly reduced. I had this limit in the first place due to unnecessary posts wasting storage. Now that storage is no longer a problem, I have removed this limit and you are able to talk freely. Please don’t abuse this change, and make sure all comments add something to the discussion.

I hope these changes make the forum a better place for you all. If you have any suggestion for improvements, please let me know, and we can figure something out.



Thank you Fellow

Yo can u make it so u can add people to group chats? Not general
private ones. Also the number of people u can add

Can’t you already do that? Not sure what you mean

really? b/c when i asked someone the said no and it did not work


you should make the forum, archive/compress old posts that got removed to save even more space