Free skins for different discord ranks

Hi, I currently have YT rank on the discord and I feel people with different ranks should be more awarded by adding a skin to their account. I do happen to have some suggestions:

YT Rank: Receives all skins in item shop and a custom skin for them selves
God Player: Receives the ANGEL skin and the Devil skin
Trusted: Receives the Winter skin
Player: 5,000 coins for joining recently joining swordbattle, if the have played the game for over a month, they receive the Vortex skin.

I really think that if they add this to the game, then every can feel happy instead of wasting like 10 hours just to get the skin that they want.

Vortex is cheap, I think if they get over 1k they can buy it.

Maybe youtubers can have only a custom skin and not all the skins so that its fair.

How about only the Assassin skin?

nah, people need to earn it.

The point of the game is too waste five hours for a skin. Custom skins will decrease the value of shop skins. Getting free skins above one million is way too unfair let alone the assassin skin. He made it twenty million for a reason

I kind of feel like you just want itt ready for yourself. You r conveniently yt tank which beats the game.


I agree with manage i would say this would make game worse because less people would play to grind


nah bro that means a youtuber can be better from a person who was one of the first to play swordbattle with out any work

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question got answered, closing topic.