Friend or not? (I want to know who i can kill and who i cant)

  • I am a friend
  • I rather take your gold
  • i am in the middle
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i always forget whos a friend and whos not

def want you gold no one befreinds me unless I say so

potatolord is more harsh that harsh himself

Well I could of lied and said I would be his freind just to stab him in the back… BUT im not that bad RIGHT

why didn’t i think of that ?

well you arent as smart and pretty as me to start, anything else

girl, it was a joke and I have A+ grades and I could be a model if I want to plus i got bettter humor

Anyone can be a model with enough makeup

better humor

the fact you had to say it makes me think other wise but I guess you are kinda funny looking

at least my dad comes back when he goes to get milk :woman_shrugging:

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