Fujin - Concept Skin

Skin: Fujin

Cost: 400,000 Gold

Haven’t made the sword yet :sob:

Variation (3)


Is this based on anything and where do these names come from I swear I used to play a game that had robots with these names or im just imagining things

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What’s the game?

Lemme do a bit of research

It wasn’t much research its called war robots

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Yeah, I play war robots, I love the names of them so I put it on my skins

Just to calrify, I only like the robot names, not the game. It’s heavily pay to win

I used to play a lot I had the red four legged robot after Fujin and stalker I left around the time the American robots were implemented and then more and more robots due to the fact its grind became insane.

The designs are pretty cool imo aswell still dont like the game tho

Raijin is the name, I use Fuji’s though, more tactical

it looks like The Rock helmet

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Yea I wish I bought that instead

Is that from fortnite





Used to be a big W but now it’s pretty much an L

no it got better

but it is still rlly P2W

I mean before like waaaaaaay back it wasn’t pay to win just a lot more skill

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