Future of Swordbattle.io

Jan22 Present day

Jan26 Skin Update Releases

Feb 1 1000 Monthly active players

Feb12 40k Total players

Feb 28 25 Players have over 50 Mil xp

March 9 Another Skin Update Releases

March 16 Dragon skin gets 10 buys, causing another, more pricey skin to release.

March 19 Swordbattle begins to decline in popularity, though it is unnoticeable for now.

March 28 Acol gets 300 Mill xp

April 5 Sword battle.io gets hacked, though the problem gets fixed a day later.

April 11 Day of 50’s 50k Players and 50 people have over 50 million xp.

April 19 The decline in popularity becomes noticeable, but only by some.

April 27 V2 is 50% done

Part 2 (May-September) Will come by Tuesday.


This is somewhat possible. @gautam feel embarrassed at his v2 prediction


Oops, typo.

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i think thats preety acuaret

this s true i approve

I swear, my planned future after this just unfolded in a single day.


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